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Young Carer Pledge

GPUTC is committed to supporting young carers to access education. Our aim is to make sure that all young carers are identified and offered appropriate support to access the education to which they are entitled.

GPUTC are supported by Centre 33 who help us understand our responsibilities in supporting young carers.


What is a young carer?

Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18 who provide care, assistance or support to another family member who is disabled, physically or mentally ill, or has a substance misuse problem. 


What support might they provide?

They carry out, often on a regular basis, significant or substantial caring tasks, taking on a level or responsibility that is inappropriate to their age or development. This can include providing practical and physical and/or emotional support.


What we know about young carers?

1 in 5 children and young people in the UK are thought to be young carers 1 1

It is estimated that there are 800,000 secondary school aged young carers in England 2

27% of young carers aged 11-15 are missing school due to their caring role at home

over 1/3 of young carers report having a mental health problem 4


We know that schools play a vital role in supporting young carers. Research shows that support within the school environment can help to reduce the emotional and educational impact of caring. GPUTC is committed to supporting our young carers, helping them to achieve their full potential.

We run a young carer program every 3 weeks on Tuesdays at lunchtime. During this time, students will have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other young carers and offer support and advice to each other.  

If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Young Carer Champion, Emma Coleman