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Year 9

The GPUTC Year 9 curriculum has been designed to be different to a standard Year 9 curriculum (which is when many other schools require students to start their full GCSE programme). Year 9 students at GPUTC will take part in a series of innovative Expeditions which are built around the key principles of technical skills development, employability skills development and high quality time with our employer sponsors (which include Anglian Water, Perkins Engines and Z-Tech amongst many others). Each of the expeditions will be led by a team of specialist teachers and technicians and will include: Engineering, Product Design and Art, Computer Science, Architecture, Geography and Business Studies.

All GPUTC have the opportunity to extend their learning via a varied and exciting package of Enrichment sessions which run every day after school. Highlights include: CNC/ 3D Printing, Machine Skills, Sea Cadets, Gym and a daily homework club supported by Learning Support Assistants.

To ensure students are well-prepared for their GCSE exams, Year 9 students will study English, Maths and Science in a way that is linked closely to their Expeditions. Teachers will focus on closing any knowledge and skills gaps, embedding and accelerating students’ learning, ensuring a smooth and purposeful transition from their previous schooling, so all students are ready to start their GCSE programmes in earnest at the start of Year 10. Students will also have one hour of PE and one hour of Personal Development a week.

Where required, and as identified by baseline testing at the start of Year 9, some students will complete a focused Core Studies programme consisting of small group literacy and numeracy sessions to enable them to access the full curriculum from Year 10.

At GPUTC, all lessons are designed to improve students’ Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours to enable them to become the Engineers, Designers and Architects of the future.