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Year 7

Our Year 7 students will learn through Expeditionary Learning - an innovative and exciting programme in which students engage in a learning journey across multiple subjects, completing in-depth research of compelling authentic topics. This ground-breaking curriculum is a first for the wider Peterborough area and has been designed to keep students excited and engaged in their studies, with students learning through a number of learning expeditions, focusing on a range of real-life experiences to ensure that all students have a solid foundation for their Key Stage 4 studies, as well as their life after the GPUTC. 

This programme is mapped against the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and focuses on the development of vital character skills important in today's modern working world. Through a series of innovative expeditions, students will learn knowledge and skills, and develop their research and critical thinking ability.  

Learning expeditions will be completed both within small teams of no larger than 20 students, and within their year group community. All expeditions will be taught in the Year 7 expedition area - encompassing a classroom, workshop, and computer suite. At the end of each expedition, students will be assessed through the presentation of authentic work and portfolios. 

Throughout their time at the GPUTC, students will have numerous opportunities to form relationships with our sponsors and local employers. As a UTC, we pride ourselves on the unique interactions our students get with pioneering experts in specialist fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  

All applications must be submitted by Peterborough City Council, even if the application comes from outside the Local Authority.