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Work Experience

Before leaving school we believe that is is vital for our students to have direct experience with the realities of the working world. This is the purpose of providing students with Work Experience in Years 10 & 12. This experience forms an integral part of our schools curriculum.

Students in Year 10 & 12 are provided with the opportunity for work experience every year. Greater Peterborough UTC has established strong links with our sponsors and local and regional employers which mean we are able to help most students secure placements in relevant STEM sectors to their career aspirations. 

Sixth Form Work Experience 

Sixth form students have the opportunity to take part in work experience. Students can use this time to expand on their experiences in Year 10 and source their own placements, thus, further developing their research and communication skills. This additional opportunity to experience the world of work will prove most valuable when applying for higher education courses and on seeking employment. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite our efforts to continue as normal as possible, this year we will take the form of a 'virtual' experience. 

2020-2021 Work Experience Dates: 

Year 10- 26th April- 7th May

Year 12- 22nd- 26th March

If your business can support a student placement then please contact Mrs K Elias at