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Uniform - Business Attire

The Greater Peterborough UTC Business Attire has been chosen to look smart, in line with current business standards and be cost effective as most items can be obtained from a wide variety of retailers. All students will be supplied with ID cards and lanyards at the beginning of their first school year, these must be worn everyday, throughout the UTC day. When we dress professionally, we act professionally.

The information below offers our professional guidance to Students and families regarding Business Attire. In consultation with our Employer Sponsors and partners, we aim to align our dress code with a professional, business environment. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and other items may be deemed inappropriate. For all students, this is at the discretion of the Vice Principal.

Acceptable Business Attire
• A suit, smart trousers, trouser suit, skirt, skirt suit, or a dress, suitable for a professional environment. A long or short sleeved shirt of any colour or pattern.
• Where a formal, stiff-necked collared shirt is worn with a suit jacket / blazer; students must also wear a tie. If a jumper is worn (details below) a tie does not need to be worn. Shirts must always be tucked in.
• A roll neck or turtleneck jumper.
• A blouse suitable for a professional environment. Blouses or shirts must cover the shoulders, chest and stomach: low necked tops, vest tops and crop tops are not suitable. If a top is sheer, a suitable top must be worn underneath.
• Smart shoes or boots. A modest heel is allowed in non-workshop/non-sports environments.
• GPUTC-issued lanyards and ID Cards must be worn visibly at all times when in the UTC unless H&S dictates otherwise.

Further information and non-permitted items:
• Denim or leggings are not permitted
• T-shirts (including short-sleeved bodysuits) and polo shirts are not permitted.
• Jumpers must be plain and any logos must be small and subtle; sweatshirts and hooded tops / hoodies and other sportswear are not permitted inside the building.
• Skirts & dresses should be of formal style and must not be shorter than the top of the wearer’s knee.
• Blazer style jackets are optional for students.
• Any words or diagrams on clothing must be discrete and must not be offensive or deemed to be offensive (the final decision lies with the Vice Principal).
• Open shoes are not suitable for workshop or classroom environments and are therefore not permitted for students. Any form of training shoe and flip flops are not suitable in any part of the building.
• Other shoes / boots may be determined to be unsuitable for students; this is at the discretion of the Vice Principal. Polishable black or brown leather / leather equivalent shoes are advised.
• All outdoor wear such as coats or waterproof clothing must be removed and stored in a locker once inside the building.
• Where jewellery is worn it should be small, discreet and may be instructed to be removed in a workshop or PE environment. Make up and facial piercings must be subtle.
• GPUTC-issued lanyards and ID Cards must always be worn around the neck unless instructed to remove them (this may be required in workshops or during other practical sessions where the lanyards may pose a health and safety risk).
• For students who work in workshop environments and other practical settings, nails should be kept short enough to safely operate machinery / emergency stop devices and other tasks.
• A sports-appropriate change of clothing and footwear must be brought for PE lessons. Student must not arrive in school in sportswear.