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special educational needs and/or disability. 

A child or young person may have a special educational need if they have -

  • significantly greater difficulty in learning than most others of the same age, or
  • a disability which prevents them from making use of the facilities which are generally available in nurseries, schools or colleges
Special Educational Needs and disability - A Guide for Parents and Carers is available from the Department for Education. 

All schools and colleges must identify and support the development of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. The expectations are set out in the SEND Code of Practice (2015): 0 to 25 years.

SEND Provision at GPUTC

Greater Peterborough UTC seeks to remove barriers to learning and achievement and is committed to the principle that every child has individual needs and has an entitlement to access the full curriculum offer and be fully included in all aspects of the life of GPUTC and should be respected and valued as an individual. 
GPUTC will identify and address the needs of different groups of students and deliver high quality teaching and learning practices which will encourage students to thrive. Where possible UTC will adapt the environment and equipment and seek specialist advice from outside the organisation to enhance its ability to support all students. You are treated as an individual and offered a range of support and guidance as you complete your journey with us.

Your safety and welfare are important to us. Our aim is for all our students to feel safe and supported. We work in close partnerships with neighbouring Local Authorities to ensure a smooth transition to GPUTC, and we use our contacts in local agencies and services to provide further support if you need it.