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The following are our expectations regarding PE kit:

  • PE Tops can be either polo shirts or round neck sports tops. These are not permitted on any other day.
  • PE Tops must be one of, or a combination of the following colours, black, white, grey or blue. No other colours are permitted.
  • Tracksuit/Jogging bottoms must be black, blue or grey.
  • Footwear must be appropriate for indoor sporting activities.
  • Socks must be appropriate for sporting activity.
  • We strongly advise that students also bring with them a sports sweatshirt or tracksuit top, again this must be in one of the above colours.
  • Other forms of outdoor coats are not allowed to be worn inside the building 
  • Rugby shirts in our approved colours are acceptable.
  • Hoodies/Hooded tops are not allowed and students will be asked to remove them and place them in their locker if they are worn. 
  • Vest tops are not permitted.
  • Leggings are not permitted.
  • Caps/Hats are not permitted.
  • Students are still required to have their UTC lanyard with them.
  • Students are still required to bring their normal school bag and all other essential equipment.
  • Repeated offences of not following the standards required for PE clothing will be treated in-line with the GPUTC Learner Conduct Policy.

There is also an option to buy branded PE clothing, these are ordered direct from the supplier and delivered to the UTC for collection. Alternatively you may get the items delivered directly to you, or collect from their store if you wish. As with our day to day business wear, we do not expect parents to buy UTC branded clothing, however it is available for you if you wish.