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Larkfleet Group

The Larkfleet Group is a privately owned group of development and construction companies formed in 1998.  Its aim is to produce high quality sustainable developments using innovative technology and construction methods.  They are committed to the environment, using highly energy efficient materials, the use of renewable energy sources and offsetting emissions by creating new woodland areas.

The Larkfleet Group as another major partner, will also be helping to contextualise students learning at both GCSE and A levels. 

At GCSE level, students will look at the practicality of domestic constructions. Students will be required to undertake a small construction project as part of their studies.  At A-level students will work with Lark Energy and undertake a unit around the environment and the sustainable energy solutions they install.  They will also undertake a practical project task in small teams to get supplies from source to consumer and their work will culminate in an optioneering task where they will need to choose and justify the best option to meet the environmental building regulations not only technically but commercially and present a solution for ‘approval’ to building control.