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Key Stage 5 - Years 12 & 13

We are firm believers in learning by doing and the employer projects are a key feature of our curriculum. Our employer sponsors will set exciting and challenging technical projects that will inspire you to develop your skills and give you the chance to test them out in a real-life context.

The GPUTC KS5 program covers the following key points;

• Delivered as a study programme which combines qualifications and other activities such as employer projects, challenges and career guidance and support which is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals

• The GPUTC core aims are for our learners to study STEM subjects at KS5 which is the study of substantial technical and academic qualification(s) and preparation for employment

• Learners who do not hold a GCSE grade 4 (reformed grading) or grade C (legacy grading) in maths and/or English are required to continue these subjects as part of their study programme

• All study programmes include work experience and non-qualification activities through our employer sponsors, which complement the other elements of the programme and support the learner to progress to further or higher education or to employment


Work experience pays

At the GPUTC, you will get real-life work experience by getting involved in Employer Projects through our employers and key sponsors, which will maximise your chances of getting a rewarding and respected job when you leave us.


Thinking of going to University? 

When you have completed your studies at GPUTC, you will be in a prime position when it comes to applying for a place at university with the added value of real-life work experience to support your application.

In Year 12 our students are able to choose from a pool of A Levels and/ or BTEC subjects.

Students select 2 or 3 a levels from our pool of subjects

BTEC Engineering

Chemistry Art and Design Geography
Maths  Biology

Applied Science

AQA Engineering
Product Design Physics

Built Environment

Business Studies

Computer Science

The curriculum will also include Qualifications Plus for all students which is made up of:

  • Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)
  • Information, advice and guidance (Including careers and progression)
  • Sport
  • Enrichment programmes
  • Philosophy and Ethics