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Toni's Story

My name is Toni and I am in Year 13 at the GPUTC. I am studying A Level Maths and Physics, and BTEC Engineering.

Why did you want to attend the GPUTC?

I joined the GPUTC for sixth form in 2019 and I am now in my last year. The GPUTC appealed to me from the outset because, unlike a lot of other sixth forms, here, I could study a BTEC as well as the A Levels that I was also keen to achieve; this would allow me to gain practical experience as well as the skills and knowledge to apply them. As well as this, as a technical college, the GPUTC promised industry links and enrichments which could not be offered to me by other sixth forms. Since joining, I have found careers fairs and enrichment activities with companies and organisations such as the Ministry of Defence very enjoyable and extremely beneficial because they have enabled me to engage with industry professionals.

What do you like about the GPUTC?

What I really love about the GPUTC is that the staff are always friendly, approachable and keen to help. Especially during the pandemic, my teachers have all been incredibly supportive, not only delivering lessons and providing work online, but also taking the time to ensure the wellbeing of their students, providing daily online sessions during lockdown, from sports activities and health and wellbeing to a book club. As such a small school, teachers are always ready to listen to any concerns, as well as celebrate my achievements, and that’s what I think makes the GPUTC special.

What are your plans for the future?

After I finish sixth form, I am going to take a gap year, after which I am hoping to study mechanical engineering at university.

If you could tell a potential student one thing about the GPUTC, what would it be?

One thing I’d like to tell potential students is that the GPUTC offers a personal approach to learning with STEM subjects at its heart, giving students the confidence to tackle new challenges and take on new opportunities.