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UTC’s work with the most exciting employers in the UK. We educate our students ready for employment.  Everything taught  is geared towards helping our students get an apprenticeship, apply for university and to those starting exciting careers in high paying industries in technical careers. This is evidenced in our leaving destinations data. GPUTC work on closing the skills gap by providing a credible technical pathway for students in a technical career. To illustrate the value of a UTC education the Royal Navy has stated that it saves four years’ worth of naval training when putting students from the UTC’’s through its Accelerated Apprenticeship Programme.

Our Careers Information and Guidance (CIAG) programme includes work based learning, enterprise education, Post-16/Post-18 guidance in Education, Employment and Training. Students in our Sixth Form are continuously supported in the decision making process, with impartial and comprehensive guidance with applications to University, Higher Level Apprenticeships or other Post-18 pathways. Both Sponsors and connections with Employers support the programme – this support be seen within our Careers Programme.

Reference to the Careers Policy document can be found to inform students of their entitlements and other related information about the programme. All information is updated annually after review- although information may be revised throughout the year to reflect any changes to regulations, or to continue to meet the needs of the students.

The low number of NEET students (Not in Education, Employment or Training) is an indication of the effectiveness of the breadth of the CEIAG programme. Views are sought from all sponsors and stakeholders that are invested in the school which results in the programme developing each year to consider the needs of students and the local, national and global jobs market.

Guidance from the Dfe places a responsibility on schools to secure access to unbiased and impartial careers guidance for their students.  With this in mind, both Year 11 & Year 12’s will be subject to an interview with SLT, Key Stage managers, Student Welfare and the Career’s Lead during the spring term.

During the course of the year students will be taught a range of skills from inputs across the curriculum. These include Self Awareness, Transition Skills, Opportunity Awareness and Decision Making.  

The Greater Peterborough UTC understands the importance of the role parents/carers play in supporting their child with planning their career. Parents have the opportunity to learn how they can be involved by attending the Unifrog Parent/Carer Launch every year. Alongside information on useful documents are linked to this page.

For further information about our careers and employer engagement please contact: Mrs. K. Elias, Careers Lead on 01733715950 or Email: