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COVID-19 - Home Testing Information

Students at the Greater Peterborough UTC have now been tested in line with Government Guidance, monitored and supported by our qualified Test Team.

This enables us to now issue Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) kits home to encourage students and families to conduct the test, twice a week, to ensure we keep ourselves as safe as we possibly can.

GPUTC will contact families twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings to request that the students LFT is conducted. The first home test should be conducted on Sunday 21st March 2021. This will need recording on the NHS Test and Trace Service and our own records, the links for these are below should you need them.

NHS Test and Trace Report

Inform the GPUTC of your Test Result


"When will my child receive the test kits?"

The test kits have been issues to all students who are content to test at home from Tuesday 16th March to Friday 19th March as the students participated in testing at the UTC for the third time.

"When do we use the test kits?"

Routine testing is to be conducted at home on Sunday and Wednesday Evening. If this is not possible, Monday and Thursday morning before coming to the UTC is acceptable, however please remember that the test takes 30 minutes before the result can be confirmed so this needs to be factored into a morning routine.

"Do we need to do anything with the results?"

Yes, the results need reporting to the NHS Test and Trace System and then via a quick MS Form to let us know at the UTC that it has been done.

"What do I do if my child tests positive?"

Any positive test received needs to be reported to the NHS Test and Trace System and to us at the UTC via the usual absence reporting process as soon as possible. You will need to book in a confirmatory PCR test but should isolate as a household until the PCR test confirms the result. You can book a PCR test and read more here

"How do I get more self test kits if we need them?"

The UTC is supplied with home test kits and will distribute them when required. Please note that this is not a supply for family members also, more information on obtaining self-test kits for family members can be found on the Peterborough City Council Website - Link here

"What if my child doesn't want to do the test?"

All students who were tested at the UTC composed themselves amazingly, so I do hope that this level of maturity and professionalism continues as they test from home. It is still a voluntary process to be a part of therefore not mandatory, however we remind our students that we conduct this test to look after each other and ensure that the environment is as safe as it can be.

If you have any further questions around the self-testing or need any support, please contact us via or by telephone.