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Greater Peterborough UTC (GPUTC) will serve the sub-region of Peterborough and the surrounding areas and will provide a new and distinctive educational choice for young people from the age of 14 to 19. You can join us at the Greater Peterborough UTC at the start of year 10 and year 12, or during the academic year. At maximum capacity, the student numbers will total 400, 200 places for key stage 4 for years 10 and 11 and 200 places for key stage 5, for years 12 and year 13.

The admissions policy for GPUTC has been designed to ensure that we serve the whole of our catchment area effectively. It follows Local Authority guidance for admissions to Year 10 and is compliant with the secondary admissions timetable and handbook.

Year Group Capacity
Year 10 100
Year 11 100
Year 12 100
Year 13 100