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About Us

Greater Peterborough University Technical College, based in the centre of Peterborough, was created through the partnership of education and industry. We place STEM at the heart of all we do. We are the school of choice for the engineers, architects, scientists and designers of the future in the Peterborough & surrounding area. Our innovative approach prioritises employer-led enrichment activities, work experience and personalised careers guidance, alongside technical and traditional qualifications at GCSE and A Level standard.

Students can join GPUTC in Year 7, Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12 and enjoy learning in our new £12 million state-of -the-art building, using industry leading-facilities and equipment.

Our mission is; to provide an outstanding educational experience that will equip our students with the technical skills and practical work experience needed to get a head start in their chosen technical or STEM based career.


What is a UTC?

‘UTC’ stands for University Technical College which is an authentic approach to learning offering specialist technical programmes alongside traditional study of the core key academic subjects such as English, Maths and Science.

Local businesses sponsoring us and our students are an appealing element of being a UTC. Our sponsors, and many other organisations want high calibre people with the right skills to become valuable employees and, as a result, they play a key role in forming the curriculum. The university designation flags both our sponsorship by the HE sector and the fact that our technical focuses are a great preparation for University as well as work.

GPUTC is associated with the Baker Dearing Educational Trust which promotes this model of technical schooling. The programme has the support of the Government and has the commitment from universities and employers who are working in locations across the country to open UTCs.

For more information on the Baker Dearing Education Trust please visit:


Why a UTC in Peterborough?

The UK needs advanced technical skills if it is to prosper in the 21st century.


"2.56 million Engineering roles need to be filled in the UK by 2022"


To continue to develop Greater Peterborough’s economy and to ensure the city thrives, we need to ensure that we are providing the correct workforce to meet the demands of our local employers which are expanding through the investments and developments being made in the city, surrounding towns and villages. It is essential that we maximise the opportunities for people from within our own communities to effectively develop the skills that will enable them to access the jobs that our employers can offer.

As Peterborough aspires to be the city for sustainability development and hosts some of the UK’s largest businesses within the engineering and built environment sectors, it is the ideal place to home a UTC. GPUTC sets out to train a workforce that is able to develop new products, stretch and reuse existing resources, and meet all the challenges of the future.

Further details from our Ofsted Report can be found here
To view the school performance table please click here.