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21 ideas for the STEM-obsessed!

Bored during lockdown? Here’s 21 ideas for STEM-obsessed enquiring minds to get to grips with at home

GPUTC Students are inquisitive and creative thinkers and makers. This list has been designed for students in Years 8 – 13 and for both current and prospective students. There are no deadlines (this is not homework!) and you don’t need to keep a record to prove what you’ve learnt. You might want to record your successes (and maybe the more amusing failures) for yourself though!

If these are the sorts of activities that get you thinking and making, you are UTC student!

Apply to join us in September 2020 here

  1. Research which science experiments you can safely conduct at home. Try some out!
  2. Biodiversity is vital for the health of the planet! How many species of insect, bird or plant life can you identify in your garden or local area? Don’t forget to stick to social distancing rules!
  3. Watch BBC Click
  4. Learn to code (Code Academy, Khan Academy)
  5. Read or listen to a book. Try these recommendations from the science fiction genre Stream audiobooks for free at
  6. Read a magazine:
    1. Technology: Wired, How it Works
    2. Science: National Geographic, BBC Science Focus, Sky at Night, Geographical.
    3. Design: Dezeen, Architectural Digest
  7. Design and build something from the materials you have to hand. Look out for our “2 Items in a Box” competition for all September 2020 starters.
  8. Ask the big questions! Research an area of technology, science or design that interests you. Your research questions could be anything: “What makes archways structurally sound?” or “What would it take for humans to land on Mars?” or “Who discovered pi and how did they do it?”.
  9. Memorise the first 100 digits of pi.
  10. Complete a Rubik’s Cube.
  11. Explore the UTC Colleges website to see what makes a UTC education unique.
  12. Explore the science behind the most aerodynamic paper aeroplanes and create your best design.
  13. Learn about the science of sourdough bread. Create your own starter from just flour and water and learn how to cultivate microbial species (with delicious results!).
  14. Watch a Ted Talk.
  15. Create a scaled floor plan of your bedroom, or whole house if you’re feeling ambitious.
  16. Create a scaled floor plan of your dream house!
  17. Complete a MOOC.
  18. Explore your future: find out about careers in STEM (Big Bang, Go Construct, National Careers Service).
  19. Explore your future: find out about Apprenticeships (, UCAS
  20. Explore your future: find out about University courses that match your interests (UCAS, Uni Guide)
  21. Build a Lego, Mechano or other technical kit.