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Junior Leader Field Gun Competition 2018

An incredible performance from team GPUTC, one of only 2 UTCs who made it into the final of the Junior Leader Field Gun #JLFG2018. Competing against service teams with over 3 years of experience our team trained hard, overcame every obstacle in their way and pushed through the exhaustion. Team #GPUTC were placed 5th - the highest UTC in the #JLFG2018.

The Royal Navy Executive Committee who selected the teams said they had been “overwhelmed” by the number of applications they received, so our students did very well to get the opportunity to be involved. One application was from a military academy in the United States.

JLFG is a modified version of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun aimed at youths aged 16-24. The competition itself is designed to mould young people into a competitive team within 5 days. To achieve this the Royal Navy provided each team with a fully qualified trainer.

Teams ran against trainees from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, as well as those from the National Sea Cadets, local colleges and an invitational team from the Missouri Military Academy.

Being involved in the competition gave our students the chance to learn and enhance important skills valued by the Royal Navy including; teamwork, stamina, courage and competitive spirit and discipline.

Our Key Stage 5 Student Manager Charlotte Maybank joined Team #GPUTC both as an accompanying member of staff and as part of the core team. This is what she had to say about the experience:

"I am so proud of the whole team effort demonstrated throughout the week! What a team we made... not the biggest, fastest or strongest team but we showed that you should always aim big, keep your head cool and let your performance do the talking! 1 min 29 seconds clean run with no faults under pressure (wow!!), that is an achievement that I know you will all remember for the rest of your lives! At the start of the week no one knew our name, but in that final run they were all cheering it! Thank you to the parents, family and friends that made the trip down to Portsmouth to support us and also to all of you guys for making this such a fantastic experience".

The team were praised by the Royal Navy for displaying the Navy's core values of Courage, Commitment, Discipline, Respect, Integrity & Loyalty during the course of the week. Thank you to the Royal Navy and The Royal Marines Charity for giving our students the opportunity to take part in the competition #JLFG2018 #ThinkUTC #Underdog #Believe #GPUTC