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Year 10 students learn the ropes with Anglian Water at Morcott

Ever wondered how water gets from its source to our homes? Our Year 10 students can tell you exactly how...

Year 10 students spent the day at Anglian Water’s Water Treatment Works in Morcott to learn about how water gets to customers’ taps. The day gave students a flavour of what a career in water would be like. The day consisted of a guided tour of the site to learn about how water is brought from the nearby Rutland Water reservoir, filtered, cleaned and meticulously sampled before being pumped to people’s taps.

Marcia Davies, Community Education Manager for Anglian Water said: “Days like these are really important as they give students an idea of what careers are on offer at Anglian Water. There are lots of options open for students with Engineering and Built Environment qualifications. With a significant number of Anglian Water’s workforce due to retire in the next 10 years, the company is looking for the talented engineers and technicians of the future. By working with the UTC we can offer high calibre students the relevant skills and training, to prepare them to be the engineers, scientists and technicians of the future.”