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Larkfleet donates model home to GPUTC 

The Larkfleet Group of Companies has handed over a model house to GPUTC. The scale model of a typical timber-framed house built by Larkfleet Homes can be taken apart and re-assembled using a set of drawings which Larkfleet has also supplied.

The model will help the school’s students who are studying the built environment to understand how a modern house is put together as well as getting to grips with topics such as architectural design and planning.

The model is also being used to make practical points about communications. In one test using the house, the plans are held by one group of students in one room and the model is with another group in a separate room. One student from the planning group has to carry instructions to the construction group in a time trial to see which team of students can correctly build the house most quickly.

A local employer sponsor for the project, Larkfleet CEO Karl Hick sits on the school’s board of governors. The Larkfleet Group are not only offering our students work experience and industry exposure, but also a guaranteed apprenticeship interview upon completion of their studies. The Larkfleet Group are therefore, a pivotal part of closing the skills gap that the country is currently facing, helping to create the next generation of architects, designers and construction specialists of the future.

Larkfleet’s backing for GPUTC is part of a programme of support from the company for the local community and economy.

Karl Hick said: “Investing in the future of the construction industry by supporting local young people in their training and development has always been part of Larkfleet’s ethos. The model house is just one more way in which we are supporting the next generation of construction professionals.”

Steve Warburton, principal and CEO of GPUTC, said: “Larkfleet’s support is invaluable to our students in so many ways. The model house is just one more example of how the company is assisting us to provide real hands-on experience of industry that helps to prepare students for the world of work.”