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GPUTC Alteration to Age Range Consultation

GPUTC Alteration to Age Range Consultation - GPUTC are in consultation with the Local Authority to have our first Year 7 cohort!

The Greater Peterborough University Technical College (GPUTC) is consulting regarding changing the schools’ current age range from Years 9-13 to Years 7-13. The GPUTC will change its admission arrangements by admitting up to 80 pupils into year 7. This will increase to up to 100 pupils in Year 10 through the traditional admission points.

To enable the GPUTC to decide whether to make these changes a consultation period will run for seven weeks from 25th September 2020 until 13th November 2020 and will seek the views of all interested parties. The GPUTC’s Governing Body will give careful consideration to all comments received during the consultation before reaching a decision on whether or not to proceed with requesting permission of the Secretary of State to make the proposed change.

This proposal will ensure that the Local Authority can address the current shortage of Year 7 places within Peterborough for 2021 and in future years will provide much needed extra capacity through providing 80 additional pupil places per year for local Year 7 pupils.

What is being proposed

GPUTC currently provides education for children aged between 13 and 19 and recruits up to 80 students into Year 9 (aged 13), as well as recruiting additional students into years 10 and 12, from across a wide region including 7 local authorities. GPUTC has always encouraged students from the wider area to attend and currently over 40% of our intake comes from outside Peterborough city.

This proposal seeks to lower the age for joining the UTC to Year 7 (age 11).

The underpinning rationale for this change is:

· To support the recruitment of students into future specialist employment pathways. Many young people have a strong idea of a specialist area of interest by the age of 11 and the mix of traditional subjects and innovative delivery of the KS3 curriculum will appeal to pupils.

· To eradicate surplus pupil places in a system after the key point of need. Recruiting our students in years 9 and 10, has created a divisive atmosphere making independent CEIAG a challenge and introducing unnecessary financial uncertainty into an already challenged system. The vast majority of students joining in Year 7 will address this issue.

· To support the Local Authority to address a shortage of 44 year 7 places in 2021 and also an anticipated shortage of Year 7 places in future years. GPUTC would like to help to meet that need.

· To build on the current successes already achieved and increase our capacity to become an outstanding UTC.


GPUTC opened in September 2016 as a mixed college catering for students aged 14-19 years with the capacity to educate 500 pupils. Located in the centre of the city of Peterborough, the GPUTC is housed on a campus which includes the Peterborough College, University Centre Peterborough and a Nursery provision.

GPUTC prepares students for careers in Engineering, Design, Architecture, Science and other STEM based roles both at University and Apprenticeship levels, thus helping fill a significant skills gap in the local labour market.

The UTC is co-sponsored by Anglian Water, Perkins Engines, Baker Perkins, the Royal Navy, Z-Tech and Octopus computers. The UTC also has a close partnership with the Anglian Ruskin University. Relationships with all business partners in the area are good and the UTC is part of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Students can currently join GPUTC in year 9, year 10 and year 12 and enjoy learning in our state-of -the-art building, using industry leading-facilities and equipment. We would like to extend this offer to those in year 7 that share our passion for STEM.

The building was designed to house 500 students there are no planning permissions required in association with this proposal, additional students can be housed in the current GPUTC accommodation with some re-designation of existing spaces although we may look to extend our facilities later.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding educational experience that will equip our students with the technical skills and practical work experience needed to get a head start in their chosen technical or STEM based career. This will allow children in the local community to begin their STEM education at the school from year 7 and remain there through to year 13.

How can you ask questions, or get more information and comment on the proposal?

If you have any questions or wish to make a response to this consultation please attend the consultation event via Zoom (details below), or email in to and include the words ‘Year 7 Consultation’ in the subject. You can also give your views via this survey – LINK HERE

GPUTC Year 7 – Zoom Consultation Event

Time: Oct 7, 2020 6pm - 7pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 916 2457 0833 Passcode: 9pAh4Q

Express interest in joining GPUTC in Year 7 by emailing


Mr David Bisley, Principal