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Weekly Welfare

Welcome to your weekly welfare email. Hope you've all had a good week and have settled into the routine of being at home with your family.

Dear GPUTC community,

Just a reminder that I'll be sending this to all GPUTC students, parents and staff at 2pm every Friday. Each email will include positive news stories, mental and physical wellbeing tips, links to interesting videos or online resources, a weekly challenge and links to support services. If you have anything else that you think should be included, please email me!

Positive News Story: This week, a news story that doesn't even mention our current health crisis! Earth's ozone layer is healing:

Mental Wellbeing: Evidence shows that if you do these 5 simple things each day you can improve your emotional and mental health, meaning that you feel happier!

1) Connect - laugh together, support each other, smile at a stranger (from a distance!), talk about positive experiences and what works, play a game, do an activity together, use social media and video chatting when you can't actually meet up with people, join online communities, post positivity!

2) Be Active - walk, do some gardening, run up the stairs, do star jumps, join Joe Wicks' live PE session, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, running, fitness challenges, whatever raises your heart rate a little is being active.

3) Learn - learn a new recipe, watch a documentary, read an article or a journal, listen to someone talk about their job or passion or something they have heard, learn a fact, google a question that your kids have asked you.

4) Give - share ideas, share information, share knowledge, give a smile, help someone who is vulnerable, make someone a drink, give someone a call, give your family some of your time, give yourself a mini treat, whatever that might be.

5)Take Notice - be aware of the present moment and really take notice of it, for example the birds singing, the beautiful sunny day, the smell of freshly cut grass, notice that you're not feeling ok and do something to feel better again, notice the joy that comes from noticing someone that you care about laugh or play, notice that being with your pets calms you. Enjoy this feeling!

Give it a really does work! I would love to hear how you get on! If you want more information, see:…/five-ways-well-new-applications-……/stress-anxie…/improve-mental-wellbeing/

Physical Wellbeing:

So many families have been taking part in Joe Wicks’ daily PE lessons. Another good news story! If you prefer a slower pace, but still want to get your daily active time in, you could try the Yoga by Adrienne YouTube channel: Friendly, easily accessible and with regular cameos from Adrienne’s dog Benji!

Interesting Links:

Chester Zoo is providing live tours of various animal enclosures today (27th March)

Paris’ famous art museum, The Louvre, is offering virtual tours of four of their exhibitions:


Thank you so much for sending me your pictures of where you are working now. Here are a selection of my favourites:

The weather this week has been gorgeous, so this week’s challenge is to send me a photograph of something that fits the statement: “Nature is amazing”. This is an excellent opportunity to take notice of your surroundings and get some fresh air!


As normal, you can contact the relevant mentor or Student Manager if you have any questions or queries. Subject teachers will also be online from 2-3.30pm every day to give feedback and help you with the work they have set.

The student welfare team are available by email if you need further support: Emma Coleman: and myself: We will call you back if you let us know the best number to reach you on. Students: we need written permission from your parents to call you on your mobile. In addition, the email inbox will be checked on a daily basis.

If you are unsure about how the Coronavirus has affected you rights as an employee, there is a round up here of some of the main points (although rules for the self-employed changed yesterday!)

Here are some external services which you can turn to for support:

Parents Helpline: If you are a parent who needs advice about your child’s mental health you can contact the Parents Helpline directly on 0808 802 between 9:30am-4pm

YoungMinds Crisis Messenger: If you are a young person experiencing a mental health crisis you can text YM to 85258 for free 24/7 support

If you are a member of staff or parent who works in a school, college or university, you can call the Education Support Partnership for free support on 08000 562 561.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.