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20th March Update

COVID-19 Update - 20TH MARCH 2020

Apologies for the slight delay in getting this email to you, ParentMail had some technical issues last night.

Hopefully this email finds you and your loved ones well, I am planning to continue with my daily emails as your feedback so far has been positive about them,  certainly whilst the landscape continues to change at such a rate I feel it beneficial to keep this ongoing dialogue open. 

The announcement around schools remaining open for children of emergency workers has been discussed and considered by myself and my senior colleagues. Can I request that if you work in one of the key industries identified, need the school to be open to help you stay in work due to there being no other adult available, and your child not being able to study at home, can you email with your name, profession, employer and child’s name. That way we can begin to gauge the extent of which we need to open the UTC to support you. Unfortunately, PRC buses are not running so transport in and out of school is somewhat restricted currently.  

Thank you to those of you who have already emailed asking questions and seeking reassurances, clearly todays announcement is the significant one regarding how the government plan to award grades to both students in year 11 and 13, like yourselves we watch with interest to see what is proposed. 

Can I reassure you that  irrespective of the governments decision we will work with yourselves and our students to ensure every student gets the qualifications and the grades they deserve and that no one’s future will be negatively impacted by this situation. 

A few additional logistical points from me today, firstly can you please ensure your child emails their mentor every morning just to check in and say hello this doesn’t need to be a lengthy email but it lets us know that they are safe, well, and can access the online resources okay. 

Secondly please keep an eye on our website as helpful guidance on how to access the learning resources as well as copies of all of my previous correspondence is now going to be uploaded on a daily basis, tomorrow also sees guidance on how students can use Microsoft teams to communicate with each other and with staff in a much easier fashion.

Stay safe,

Mr David Bisley BSc (Hons)