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18th March Update

COVID-19 Update - 18TH MARCH 2020

You have probably listened to or heard about the speech by Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson today at 5pm. These are huge decisions being made with a lot of key details and facts not yet explained. We will look at the details when they come out and provide you with a key summary of the changes and proposals. We will of course be working hard in the background to put in place support for our students.

Please do not worry at this stage, reassure your children we will do everything we can to ensure their hard work over these last few years in recognised. Ensuring they secure their intended destination is our number 1 priority.

I have set up an email account that will be staffed by myself and my senior colleagues live between 9am-10am and 5pm-6pm every day, if you have any questions please email this account and we will get back to you during these hours. You can of course email outside of these times but our response may be delayed. Where appropriate we may call you back so we can talk it through rather than communicate via email.

Again, we are finding out these decisions as you are, I am in contact with the Local Authority, other Peterborough Heads and UTC Principals nationwide. We are all working together to try and ensure we are doing all we can to help.


Mr David Bisley