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GPUTC's Exam Success

GPUTC's Exam Success!

Exams Results

This year saw the GPUTC make huge strides in its outcomes and the progress that learners made with both Year 11 and Year 13 results.

Whilst the formal results have yet to be validated (typically Jan 2020), here's a snapshot and links to all the positive press we received this summer.

We've also been told we are the 2nd most improved UTC in the country for 2018/19 out of all 47!


Year 11

  • The average grade our Year 11 students got went up a whole grade in a year from a 4 to a 5
  • The percentage of students getting a pass in both English and Maths went up by 20%
  • The GPUTC is the most improved school in Peterborough based on this measure
  • Based on English & Maths Grades of 4+, GPUTC is the 4th highest performing school in Peterborough out of all 13 schools. Plus we were only 2% off 3rd place!
  • The average English grade went up from a 3.4 to a 4.2, this is a fantastic result for a UTC as English isn't a subject that UTC students typically enjoy. We also got our 1st ever Grade 9 in English this year, so our students who are passionate about English can definitely do well too.
  • Average Maths grades went up from a 3.7 to a 4.5. 
  • Nearly 20% of the Year 11's got above a 7 in Maths!
  • We have the 3rd best Maths results in Peterborough this year!
  • Science achieved outstanding results with average grades in the following Physics (6.1) Biology (5.5) Chemistry (5.3)

6th Form

  • Our Average Technical Qualification in Engineering and the Built Environment went up from Merit + to Distinction –​
  • We had a 100% Pass rate in our Technical Qualifications
  • 90% at least met, with 60% exceeded their target grade in A Level Product Design​
  • Our Year 12 External results were amazing, with over 75% of students achieving at least a Distinction in their Engineering qualification​
  • Our Year 12 Maths resit group had a 73% pass rate, compared to a national average of only 22%.

As you can see from the snapshot above, we have achieved so much in a year, these results are down to the hard work, grit and determination of staff and students alike.

Be assured however, this is only the beginning.  Peterborough has for many years had two schools historically held in the highest esteem. 

Its time for the new kid on the block to gatecrash that party!

Watch this space....