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Student Leader Group

Read below to hear about what our student leaders have been up to in December


Chairman: Jarrod Warner (Year13)

Vice-chair: Annabel Deaves (Year 11)

Administrator: Jacob Yates (Year 13)


The student leadership team currently consists of 12 pupils across years 11 and 13. Together we aim to aid development and progression of GPUTC by giving realistic feedback, from the student  body, in relation to the general running of the school. In addition to this we have planned and carried out multiple fundraisers for a variety of charities.

The student leaders have been split up into groups with specific roles, these include; Fundraising, Enrichment, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Student Welfare and Marketing. Through these role allocations we have been able to clearly and easily communicate areas for improvement along with successful organisation of events.



Recently we have been working on our Children In Need week. We noticed a distinct lack of engagement with the charities with our prior fundraisers. Many pupils didn't even know which charity we were supporting. To try to improve this we decided to make a form versus form competition for the most successful fundraising campaign. We are happy to say, that along with the improved student support, we have raised the most money yet of any GPUTC Charity Fundraiser.  We raised £736 all together for a great cause!