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KS5 News - Dec

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all students back after the half term break. I trust that this has been a refreshing one, as from what I can see most of KS5 have come back with a very strong work ethic.

It has been fantastic to see that the atmosphere in both sixth form areas has been very productive since students have returned last week. Most students in year 12 appear to be settling in well and attendance in KS5 has had a marked improvement over the last 3 weeks. I strongly believe that this is due to the fact that students have become familiar with the routine.

Students are reminded that their overall attendance score is dramatically affected by mentoring sessions that commence at 9am every morning. Attendance scores will be considered when we run our Christmas rewards trip this year. To provide you with further insight, our student leaders conducted a poll in KS5 and the majority chose the location of the trip to be Showcase Cinema and Laser Force in Peterborough (letters to go out shortly). We look forward to seeing as many of our students there as possible!


Alex Hutchins- as part of their enrichment KS5 students are encouraged to practice and improve their skills using the machinery in college. Below is a 1:76 GWR style signal box which Alex designed and built. He cut all the parts out using the laser cutter on a combination of 2mm and 3mm wood. He then painted and put together the model at home and soldered together lights to go inside the model. Alex says “Making this project has helped to practice the design process and construction of a 3D model. This will help in my unit 3 Engineering exam, as I would have already practised the skills required to make a successful project”.

Student Achievement

Bruce Campbell - at the start of term students were asked to log and record any enrichment completed in and out of school. This has brought to light the fantastic work that Bruce has completed whilst volunteering in a local food bank. Every Thursday afternoon Bruce gives an hour of his time to CSK Hampton Church to support those in need.

Angus Neal & Thomas McClaren - last week two of our year 13s spent an afternoon sorting, clearing and setting up an area of the Engineering workshop for the Oculus Rift. A timetable has been made for KS4 students to have lunch sessions supervised using this equipment.

We are very proud of all of the achievements completed by our KS5 students and would love to hear from you with information about your success.


More celebration!

Celebrating some more student success, below is a photo of Daniel Asher being presented with an Arkwright Scholarship award, at a ceremony in September. The award has recognised Daniel as ‘an outstanding potential future leader in Engineering’ and was presented by our chair of governors Phil Brown.