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KS5 News - Feb

This instalment of the newsletter will focus on work experience for year 12, offsite access arrangements, apprenticeship opportunities and destinations for year 13, The Royal Navy challenge, Ministry of Defence and DNA Scaffolding. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with as much information as possible for students to apply and secure their destinations for next year. 

Year 12 Work Experience
Year 12 students are working hard to acquire a one week work experience placement commencing April 1st. Students do have the opportunity to complete a two week placement leading into the half term break if this is more suitable. If students can only secure a placement for the first week of the half term holiday, they may choose to have the week commencing 1st of April as a school holiday instead. Whilst at their placement, students will be asked to complete a diary to document all of the skills and knowledge that they have gained.

BTEC Engineering students will be completing this task as part of their unit 9 assignment. Learning aims for this module are to exam the benefits of work experience in Engineering for own learning and development, develop a work experience plan, carry out work experience tasks to meet set objectives and to reflect on how work experience influences their own personal and professional development. Work experience is an important factor in progression to higher education, and is a component in many degree courses accredited by the Engineering council.

Some of the placements that students have chosen (so far) are:
Peter Brotherhood Engineering Ltd, Dalrod Drainage, Domino Printing Sciences, Barclays, Mr Clutch, ITM Systems Ltd, Multifab Metals Engineering Ltd, Ford and Slater DAF and MH Autos.

If students are struggling to contact companies or arrange placements, our careers adviser Katie Chapman is in the computer science room every Wednesday at lunch to support. Students will also be able to gain support from their mentors every morning.


Offsite Access

As communicated before half term, sixth form students may now be eligible to have offsite access during the school day. This access was dependent on criteria that included attendance above 92%, attitude to learning scores of 2 and above and all assignments up to date and signed off by teaching staff. Students must attend mentoring every day, however if they receive their offsite pass they can leave early by handing it in at reception (students must let reception know that they will not be returning that day).

Offsite access will be reviewed each half term and we hold the right to withdraw this privilege, if we feel that it is being used inappropriately, or if students fall behind on their assignments.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We are currently in the process of setting up a SharePoint page, to share apprenticeship opportunities with our year 13 students. These are currently shared through mentoring and on our apprenticeship board, but we recommend that students regularly check their emails, as we hope to have this invitation sent out by the end of the week. As you may be aware, apprenticeship applications usually turn around fast, so students must be routinely checking company websites for opportunities.

If students are still stuck for ideas they can use this useful link to an industry search engine to gain ideas.


Please see the list of links for apprenticeships that are currently live. 

             BGL GROUP   


             BT PLC







Year 13 Destinations Success

One of our year 13 students Alex Brierley is already working hard to secure a placement for the summer. Alex will be starting part time as a junior technician with our sponsor Larkfleet, whilst completing his studies. Hopefully Alex will be able to secure a full time placement with Larkfleet this summer.  Alex's talent was recognised when he completed a work experience placement with our sponsor company last year. We were very impressed with his professionalism that allowed him to secure this role and we look forward to seeing what knowledge and skills he will gain in the coming months.

Morgan Weldon is another of our students that has shown confidence and personable skills whilst completing a successful apprenticeship application process with Network Rail. Morgan will complete a three year apprenticeship scheme, whereby his first 21 weeks will be spent living and learning at Westwood training centre, in the Midlands. The rest of the scheme will be spent working from a depot close to Peterborough. Here Morgan will specialise in electrification and plant, overhead lines, signalling, telecoms, track or off track, where he'll receive expert training. This is a promising opportunity and we look forward to hearing all about it once he gets started.


Royal Navy Challenge

It’s “All steam ahead” for the Royal Navy Engineering Challenge 2019!

This year the Royal Navy Challenge is “Operation Downbird”, whereby the teams have to build a vessel and recovery vehicle to rescue a helicopter that has made an emergency landing on a volcanic island, and return it to safety.
The GPUTC team for 2019 includes James Fenwick, Liam Bullard, Tom McLaren and Ethan James. The team is currently working flat out to build the final models after doing lots of research into different recovery systems.  The solution proposed by the team is a Hovercraft that will be carrying a fork-lift truck style vehicle to do the actual recovery of the helicopter.  Our design proposal has been described by our Navy link as “Innovative” and unlike any of the other entries. The Navy are very excited to see it in action and all seem to know about it!
You will hopefully see our hovercraft being tested over the next week or so, whilst James (who is driving it) gets to grips with the challenging handling characteristics of air cushion vehicles. Please give the guys your support and wish them luck for this important testing phase so that we can bring the trophy back to GPUTC.

Ministry of Defence

Last half term the MoD have come in to the college to deliver three of four specialised sessions to a group of our sixth form students. The MoD representatives have been very impressed with the commitment and engagement demonstrated by the group. One of our year 13 students Chris Simpson had this to say about the sessions. "This Wednesday the MoD came into college. The sessions have been looking into arranging pieces of intelligence on a fictional scenario; from which, in groups, we discussed and derived a range of possible outcomes. Following this we briefed them on our theories. This involved techniques such as “breaking the mirror” which is where you look at a situation wholly from another’s perspective.

This session taught us the skills of future planning and foresight; then taking actions based upon that. It also taught us how to compile a concise summary of a situation. This will help me in future teamwork circumstances as it will allow me to see things from others’ viewpoints and allow me to easily explain why. I particularly enjoyed looking from another’s perspective and seeing the world through a different set of eyes."







Built Environment Industry Experts

As part of the Built Environment course, students received tuition this week from industry experts, DNA Scaffolding. The morning consisted of a presentation that discussed the history of scaffolding, health and safety, equipment and tools. After the presentation students were tasked with building their own scaffolding rig, with the support and guidance of the professionals. Students were fully engaged with the task and successfully managed to build a safe, level structure in no time at all. Special mention goes to Avda, Finley and Ronnie, who really engaged with the task and learnt a new skill.                    



Trip to Juniper Hall

The students were positive and engaged throughout the residential Field Studies Centre trip. They were given the opportunity to undertake human and physical fieldwork at the Box Hill Estate, Newhaven, Seaton and Dorking. The trip has given the students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and understand and apply geographical skills in various ways. 



Final push for NCS participants, in year 12, to sign up to the summer program at a discounted rate of only £25!

At a time when teenagers are making big choices about their future, NCS is there to give them confidence and self-belief. The NCS team don't just tell them they're capable, they challenge them to find that out for themselves.

The NCS programme breaks down into four packed weeks, each with different challenges designed to push and inspire the young people.

An opportunity not to be missed!

Please contact Miss Emma Coleman for more information at 01733 715 950

Looking forward, the following 8 weeks will be an important and busy time for our year 13 students leading up to exams. It is crucial that students are spending all of their time focused on achieving their full potential, before they leave this summer. The final deadline for all Engineering BTEC assignment submissions is Friday the 10th of May. This will then leave students with 2 weeks to prepare for their final exams. I thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing what the students will get up to this half term!

Caterpillar Apprenticeships

Caterpillar have a number of apprenticeship openings in the engineering and design industry in Peterborough. Download the below flyer for more information and see how Caterpillar could be the next step in your STEM career.

Careers Feedback

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Greater Peterborough UTC  needs your feedback to continue to give you excellent careers support. This year we’re taking part in the trendence survey, one of the UK’s largest schools surveys. Their reports will tell us how satisfied you are with the career guidance, as well as which employers you aspire to work for. Take the survey and you’ll be giving us valuable feedback.

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Please contact your child's mentor if you have any queries regarding this newsletter.