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KS5 News - Jan

Find out what year 12 and 13 have been up to in the month of January. Written by Charlotte Maybank as our KS5 student manager.

Hello and Happy New Year!

Since coming back our key stage 5 students have started the New Year well, with many approaching their studies with a positive determined mindset. So far we have been busy finalising and submitting UCAS applications and I am pleased to say that all students intending to go to University in September managed to successfully submit their applications on time. We will now be focusing on the remaining year 13 students that are applying for apprenticeships, with morning mentor time dedicated to researching positions and constructing applications. We advise that students are using their time wisely to locate these positions through company websites, Unifrog and the Gov apprenticeships site.

Students enjoyed a great finish to the end of a hard first term, on our Christmas rewards trip. There were some very impressive sharp shooting scores at Laser Force, followed by a relaxed afternoon watching Aquaman. As expected all students were responsible, punctual and respectful whilst on the trip, they were a credit to the college.






Looking forward to this term Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP) are providing GPUTC with a free online programme for young road users about driving safely (Cambs Drive iQ). Cambs Drive iQ is designed to reduce the number of people being harmed in road collisions, especially amongst young car occupants. Unfortunately, statistics show that a high proportion of young drivers will have a crash within the first year of passing their test, GPUTC are therefore working with the CPRSP to make this less likely.

KS5 students will be requested to complete Cambs Drive iQ, which has been localised to the needs of Cambridgeshire young adults based on evidence from collisions in the area.  Students will complete 8 compulsory modules plus 5 optional, themes to include distractions, alcohol and drugs, seatbelts, thrill seeking, eye scanning and perception. Each module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and students will receive a one hour demonstration from PC J Morris during period 3 on either the 13th or 20th of March (group dependant). Students will be provided time to complete their remaining road safety modules during am mentoring sessions.

Enrichment and Assemblies




We asked KS5 students what themes are relevant to their lives, to provide external speakers for assemblies. Last term students have received talks covering Gangs and Knife Crime (reducing risk), E-Safety, International Citizen Service (ICS) opportunities, Drugs and Alcohol, UCAS information and Hansen Degree apprenticeship information. 

I have been impressed to see our sixth form students have returned to school with some strong fitness resolutions and have been regularly in the gym to reach their goals!






Student Achievement

Year 13 James Fenwick- Hard working, completed all his assignments on time and making great progress

Year 13 Liam Bullard- hard working, making great progress in Engineering

Year 12 Daniel Asher - Inquisitive, dedicated and supporting of others
Year 12 Kieron Brown- Strong independent attitude towards Engineering
Year 12 Angel Saunders- Strong independent attitude towards Engineering
Year 12 Alfie Stevenson- Strong independent attitude towards Engineering
Year 12 Nibras Junaideen- Fantastic work produced in practical lessons
Year 12 Nicholas Lincoln- Fantastic work produced in practical lessons

Year 12 Enrichment - Ben Wade, Matthew Lazenby, Ali Yuksel and Marcel Szymanski. Independently setting up their own GreenPower racing team.

Year 13 Morgan Weldon- Great resilience shown in all lessons
Year 12 Muhammad Tariq- Good effort and attitude
Year 12 Thomas Wallace- Good attitude to independent studies, all independent study tasks completed on time to a good standard

Year 13 Ayisha Bibi- Good effort and attitude
Year 13 Ethan Jary- Good effort and attitude

Year 13 Thomas Ward- Continuously diligent in English lessons
Year 12 Vendel Farkas- Hard working in all tasks completed
Year 12 Harry Spooner- Supporting with delivery of KS4 creative writing lessons in his independent time


If you have any queries regarding Januarys newsletter please go through your child's mentor in the first instance.