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Year 11 News - December

It has been a very busy term leading up to the Christmas break, with various events occurring. Students have, in general, shown the positive attitudes expected at the GPUTC; this will need to continue in the run up to their exams in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.


I would like to say a huge thank you to all that attended the Year 11 Information Evening. I hope that you went away with more information about how you can support your child in the upcoming exams and further information about the 6th form offer that is available.

The general behaviour and response from students regarding their first formal mock exams was exceptional. Moving forward, we want this conduct to be replicated in all exams at the GPUTC.

On Thursday 9th January, there will be the Year 11 Parents Evening, and I look forward to seeing you there. It is important to support students moving forward throughout this academic year; this will be achieved through focused revision sessions and various extra tasks to improve their potential outcomes. Students will also be given the opportunity of support in creating exam timetables in order to structure their time more effectively. It has been explained to students that they need to put in that extra bit of effort in order to meet their potentials, and this may mean that they need to undertake further revision and set tasks independently in their own time. The data from the November mock exams is being processed, and any students who require intervention in order to meet their target grades will be identified, and appropriate intervention strategies will be applied. There will be a second Year 11 Information Evening in 2020 to share support plans and revision sessions that are going to be taking place.

This academic year is one of focus and drive students. They will need to display respect, responsibly and readiness in order to achieve the most from this shortened year. I have informed the students of the focus and resilience that they will need to show throughout this year and have put into perspective how much learning time they have left.

As well, I would like to express gratitude to all who have continued to support the new uniform policy; it is an absolute delight to see so many students smartly dressed and being able to express themselves professionally by wearing their own clothes.

I hope that all students have a good rest but remember that their exams are quickly approaching and that they will be upon us in the very near future. Remember revision is a balance, and it is important not to switch completely off from studies.
















Here are some photos of this years Christmas Hampers.



Year 11 Superstars

Maths - Morgan Shore for his excellent mock result of an 8. Also acknowledgement to Ilvars, Blaise and Adam D who joined set 1 maths his school year and have worked really hard to keep up with the Higher Maths course and have achieved good results in the mock exam through this hard work.


Jake T - For getting a grade 9 in his Mock Exam (2 grades above target)

Gabriel  O - For getting a grade 8 in Mock Exam (2 grades above target)


Art - In the run up to their portfolio ‘sweets and treats’ project, most students have made significant effort in lesson.

I am particularly impressed with Grace Anstee and Sandra Olszowska for their continued excellence. Grace is creating high-quality studies on fruits and plants in a Brusho Ink Style, which is looking fantastic. Sandra has been diligently developing aspects of her designs to deepen her understanding of media and techniques.

Dora Ludvig has made further progress in her ability to create artist studies and has improved her confidence in her own ability.

Jonathan Harding has been working on a new take on vinyl album covers which has given him renewed interest in the topic.

Edwards Lisovskis has been working to his strength of using character ideas from popular game designs.

Oleksandra Jascenka has been working on pieces representative of different times in history and is now focusing on creating a futuristic space-inspired piece.


Business - in Business Studies, students rounded off the marketing topic by designing their own new biscuit for a particular target market.  A fantastic amount of imagination was shown, and detailed packaging was designed.  The overall winners, Owen Young, Eliasz Sobinski, and Riley Verrells, designed a luxury chocolate biscuit boxed for individual portions, making it affordable but of premium quality. 

Students have received an early Christmas present, in the form of some calculation practise books.


Geography – Stratford Fieldwork Trip

The students in Year 11 went on their Human Fieldwork Trip in Stratford and Canary Wharf, London. Students undertook data collection techniques and experienced what it is like to apply geographical concepts in a real world situation. Students’ behaviour was of the highest standard, and they showed how successfully they can work together. Vivek Sudra showed a natural ability to engage members of the public, whilst carrying out questionnaires; he also supported other students in having the confidence to approach and ask questions.


Computer Science: dynamic progress

This is the fourth in a series of visits from Photocentric who have been supporting our students with a project.  Next term, the plan is to arrange for students to have a tour of the site which is within walking distance from the GPUTC. 

BAS – British Antarctic Survey

The British Antarctic Survey gave students the opportunity to talk, via a Skype call, to a polar expert during Antarctica Week from the 2nd December to the 6th December, 2019, which marks the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.

The hour-long Skype call allowed students to learn about the work being done by scientists in the Antarctic, what it is like to live and work there, and how research in this amazing ice world affects all.

Students engaged well and asked challenging questions related to politics and climate change. Thank you to students who engaged positively and to the British Antarctic Survey for arranging such a unique experience.


General Election

On Tuesday, 10th December, 2019, a whole school assembly was held to give students the opportunity to learn more about politics and the political parties standing for the general election. All staff and students were given the chance to vote, simulating the real process of voting. The Labour and Conservative parties both came out on top, with fifty-five votes each.


Celebrating successes

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Again this year, the GPUTC participated in the Macmillan Coffee Morning. On Friday, 27th September, the school surpassed our £500 target and raised a total of £506. The activities undertaken to reach this total included a non-uniform day, bake sale and raffle.


Children In Need

On Friday, 15th November, the GPUTC raised over £300 for Children in Need. The money was raised through sweet stalls, ‘guess the teddy bear’s name’ stall, ‘remote control car course’ and a non-uniform day. This is a fantastic amount of money to raise from a small cohort of students.


Year 11 Reward Trip

This year, the Year 11 reward trip was to the cinema and Escape rooms. On the trip, students showed teamwork in both activities. It was rewarding watching the groups in the escape room work together to solve cryptic and logic based clues.


Student of the Week

To continue celebrating success at the GPUTC, students have been chosen as ‘Student of the Week’ based on their contribution to life at the GPUTC. Students who earned this recognition were awarded vouchers presented in Year 11 assemblies.


End of Year Celebration

Students have been sent a survey about the end-of-year celebration: Prom. A group of students will be asked to lead the organising of the event. It is our belief that such an event is for the students; therefore, it should be led by the students. Positive praise points, attendance, and negative consequence points will be taken into account as criteria to attend; this will be shared with students and parents in 2020.

In the last assembly of 2019, students were given the opportunity to share their views on the venue, food, music, and potential activities for the event.


External visitors

CROPS Mentoring Service will continue.


If you feel as though you want to contact us for any queries regarding this newsletter, attendance or general support, please go through your child's mentor in the first instance.