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Year 11 News - September

Welcome back Year 11 - written by Student Manager Sean Alldread


I would like to say a huge welcome back to all of the students moving into Y11 and inform you that I will continue as manager of the year group into year 11. This year is one of focus and drive for the students, they will need to display respect, responsibly and readiness in order to achieve the most from this very much shortened year. I have informed the students of the focus and resilience that they will need to show throughout this year and have put into perspective how much time they have left in terms of school days.

It has taken a couple of weeks for everyone to get used to their new routines and have shown resilience in the change to the GPUTC day. Attendance has been a real positive with the year group and I hope that this continues throughout this current academic year.

Moving forward it is important to support students through this year and this will be achieved through focused revision sessions, extra tasks to improve their potential outcomes. They will also be given the opportunity of support in creating exam timetables in order to structure their time more effectively. Students have been explained that they need to put in that extra bit of effort in order to meet their potential and this may mean that they need to undertake further revision and set tasks independently in their own time.

I would like to say a big thank you to all that have supported in the new uniform policy, it is an absolute delight to see so many students smartly dressed and being able to express themselves through wearing their own clothes.

Students have been reintroduced to our behaviour policy and will soon be given success criteria in order to attend an end of term rewards trip. The students have been asked to come up with ideas for their rewards trip as soon as this information has been compiled a survey will go out to all students so that they can vote. In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to inform you of the result.



We will be running a whole school Christmas Hamper Challenge again this year – Each mentor group has been given a box which they have to decorate and fill with small gifts. The winning team will get to deliver the boxes to local charities (including the local food bank) and receive a pizza lunch. If you have any unwanted gifts or spare non-perishables we would be very grateful if you can send them in with your child.

Celebrating success

The English department gave a selection of awards to students based on the work and effort that they had applied to a recent piece of work. Students were awarded vouchers and were presented with them in a Y11 assembly.


If you feel as though you want to contact us for any queries regarding this newsletter, attendance or just general support, please go through your child's mentor in the first instance