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Year 11 News - Dec

Welcome back year 11!

I would like to start with welcoming back the year 11’s, they have transitioned well into year 11 getting prepared for their difficult year ahead of them. Most students have come back with an amazing work ethic and the efforts are most definitely being recognised.  The attendance has started to increase and I would like to put this down to students understanding the importance of what is to come with their examinations in the upcoming summer.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of all the year 11’s that have recently sat their mock examinations. The change in which I can see in the students this year compared to last Is truly remarkable. They are showing us as staff that they are extremely willing to put the work in and understand the importance of the mock exams and also how revision can really help them achieve their target grades.

The student have also been working in their mentor groups to secure a pizza lunch, the mentor group with the most amount of praise points wins.


Trips & Visits

This term the students have been working towards a rewards trip for the end of this term. It has been fully rewarding to see the hard work from most of our students. Most of them have earned the place to go to Peterborough escape rooms, a trip to the cinema and a spot of Christmas shopping on the last day of term.

Additionally  every mentor group has been given the opportunity to support a special cause, in particular year 11 has had a focus of  ‘Be a santa for a senior’ where each mentor group will provide donations to go to the local hospital for any senior patients that are in over the holidays.



June/July 2019

At the start of the new year I thought what way could I motivate students to come to prom, I introduced ‘Prom points’. Students have been told to get their ticket to prom they have to earn 200 praise points. These are earned through any means of praise. Some students have to be careful as behaviour points do deduct prom points. However the race and the sense of ownership the student are showing towards this process is wonderful. We have at least half the students half way there to receiving their ticket to prom and that’s after the first term.

More information will be coming out in the new year regarding Prom and all the finer details.


Student Achievement

One of our year 11 student leaders , Harry Jarvis, has gone above and beyond for the GPUTC since the start of the year.

He made every effort possible to make sure he was to attend and help out with our open day on Saturday the 24th November and worked extremely hard throughout.

Harry made sure all guests felt welcome and played a large part in the smooth running of the event! He was even complimented on is work ethic by parents visiting  us.

Well done Harry and thank you for representing our school so well.