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Year 11 News - Spring

It’s been a busy term for year 11, who have been working hard on exams, revision and coursework.

Student Achievement

Tyler Banks has been successfully involved in the Cambridgeshire ACF N0.1 Hereward Company for almost 4 years, during this time he has shown off his fitness by completing a cross country run around an airfield in which he was awarded a badge. Tyler quoted that ‘this was the hardest run of my life!’ and is about to do his Senior Cadet Instructor Course (SCIC). This allows him to take a major step in his Cadet career, as he will be taking part in a Master Cadet course!

Most recently Tyler has been nominated for ‘Combat Cadet’ which means that he will be taking part in a high skill training programme over a number of days, to demonstrate his Senior field craft skills. On completion of this Tyler will receive a Combat Cadet badge.

Tyler’s ongoing participation in the Cadets has been a positive influence towards all aspects of his personal, social and academic life. Tyler has shown a great deal of dedication and discipline through this and he has gained invaluable leadership and teamwork skills. He is now the most Senior Cadet in the Ramsey Detachment as a Sergeant. He believes Cadets has completely changed his school life, being more responsible as a student and has showed his teachers a different side of him.  


Recently, Built Environment students completed their six hour Controlled Assessments, which form part of their final GCSE grades. Special mentions for effort go to Kai T, Sam M, Sana and Jess G!


Elsewhere in Built Environment, the enrichment group have built a model house, which went on display at our recent Open Evening to much awe and acclaim! Not content with this achievement, the students have also built Scalextric cars and tracks, and raced them.


Further acclaim must go to the Sports Science students, who had their skills moderation last week. Watch out for Ollie on the basketball court – he’s an amazing all-rounder and did himself proud!


Students are also shining in the academic subjects: Oliver, Fran and Eleanor have already hit a 9 in their Maths mocks, whilst Amy, Lauren and Anna have achieved 8s in their English mocks. Students have also recently completed their Spoken Language assessments in English, with a dazzlingly array of topics spanning across Engineering, the importance of the Arts, civil rights, politics, and careers– as well as a delightful satirical speech: “Space is Fake.” Special mentions go to Amy, Liam B, Harrison and Yasemin, who all got Distinctions. A number of our year 11s were also shortlisted for the GPUTC Writing Awards.


As we headed into the Easter break, our students ensured they continued their hard work. The GCSEs are quickly coming up. Please see previous communications for information on a number of revision sessions over the holidays. At home, students should be using resources provided by subject teachers, as well as the Seneca Learning website. Your child’s report will give further information as to how they can revise for specific subjects.




The final payments for Year 11 Prom (20th June) must be paid through parent mail by 24th May.


Leavers Jumpers


Our Year 11's have recently received their end of Key Stage 4 Leavers Hoodies. See the picture below of the students who have found more than one use for their new Leaver's Hoodies! In case you couldn't tell, they are demonstrating the visible light section of the Electromagnetic Spectrum!