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Year 11 News - Jan

Read below to find out all about how the first month of 2019 has been for our year 11 students. Written by our year 11 student manager Beth Holman.


Revision should be at the forefront of all year 11 students’ minds. It additionally needs to be effective revision. Students should start to work out the gaps in their learning for each subject as a starting point, over the last month we have shared lots of tips and techniques that we feel would be beneficial in aiding revision, a few are as follows:

· Creating a revision timetable that is achievable

·  Using online platforms E.g Seneca learning

· Attempting exam questions

· Going over past modules

Overall, if a student did roughly 20-30 minutes every other night that could be the difference between passing and failing.

Trips & Visits

On the last day of last term, Myself and 7 other staff members took majority of the year 11’s around the city centre, enjoying some activities as a reward for their amazing efforts and behaviour. It seemed to be very successful, well , apart from only a 3rd of them managing to get out of the escape rooms! Apart from that  everyone had a fantastic day and I commend the students behaviour.

I am hoping to put on a similar day before exams start as another thank you for being so great!


Christmas Hamper challenge

It felt fantastic to take a couple of students to the local hospital to hand over our Christmas hampers for the ‘be a Santa for a senior’

The students effort didn't go un-noticed as our local newspaper published this article as they were so impressed with all of their hard work for creating such thoughtful gifts for those less fortunate than themselves.

The students in the picture to the right are Lauren Woods and Daisy Chapman who both volunteered to take the hampers down to Peterborough Hospital

Student Achievement

As a school we are very privileged to be able to give our students extra curricular enrichment time. Last term I got to pay a visit to the group of students working on a ‘green power’ project.

It was great to see the students thriving in a practical environment , but also getting to reap the benefits by being able to race round the courtyard.

Obviously I couldn't help myself and had to have a go!

Prom - June 2019

After hearing back from a lot of parents/careers I have decided that the last two weeks of June are the best fit for keeping everyone happy and for all students to have the chance to attend Prom.

I am looking to send out letters regarding prom by the end of this term. However any questions in the mean time please don’t hesitate to ask

A reminder that to ensure a ticket to prom, students must collect 200 ‘prom points’ these are gathered through all of the praise points they can earn in lesson times.

Other opportunities will be available leading up to exams to gain extra prom points

Welfare/ PSHE

ICASH are going to continue to offer their services for free sexual and health advice/contraception - students can self refer to this confidential service

NCS - final push to get more students signed up to their summer program - discounted rate of only £25 - speak to Emma Coleman for more information.


If you have any queries regarding Januarys newsletter please go through your child's mentor in the first instance.