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Year 10 News - September

It has been a busy start to the year for our new Year 10 students, who are settling in remarkably. 


It has been an absolute whirlwind of a first term for our year 10’s, in their first couple of weeks, we planned numerous trips out to places such as Bletchley park, Anglian water, and the Cathedral. Additionally they attended a Careers fair, where our sponsors and potential businesses met with our students to discuss career pathways and future prospects. All of year 10 have joined us with fantastic attitudes to their learning, they are all extremely hard working and I am already so proud of how they are thriving with only being a here a few weeks with us. I am already looking forward to the next upcoming term with year 10 and already have some exciting things planned.


Work experience

At GPUTC we try to ensure that our students have access to as many resources as possible to ensure they are on the right career path. One of those resources is being able to have a two week work experience placement, next April/May. We will be working with the skills service to ensure every student is allocated a place. In mentoring we have been discussing what type of placements the students would like and after half term we will start to allocate and find placements.



GPUTC are really proud to announce we raised over £500 from our tasty Macmillan Coffee Morning. Thank you for everyone who contributed, either by baking an item or eating them! We can't wait to see what our money goes towards!


Maths trip to Bletchley park

On Monday 23rd September, 24 Year 10 students went to Bletchley Park for a grand day out!

Bletchley Park was the secret location of the mathematical code-breaking activities in WWII that shortened the war by two years and saved thousands of lives.

We had a great time using our maths skills to solve some difficult code-breaking challenges and we had great fun exploring the park. We were given a tour and heard many interesting stories and facts about what life was like for the code-breakers working secretly at Bletchley Park during the World War Two. The interactive displays were excellent and transported us back in time to the 1930’s. We were shown an original Enigma machine used by the Nazi’s to encode their military information.

The students were a credit to the school, engaging with all the tasks enthusiastically and behaving well at all times – thank you year 10’s and thanks to Terri Hall and Barbara Gunn for your help and support on this trip.


Year 10 Superstars!

Our teachers and staff are enjoying getting to know our new Year 10 cohort. To express this we asked each staff member to nominate a Year 10 student who is their Superstar of the term, so far. Below is the name and reason for each of our staff members nominations! Congratulations to those who have been recognised.

Henry R – Incredibly hardworking, and willing to ask clarification questions to aid his learning

Katie E – Hardworking, volunteers answers frequently, and generally really friendly and bubbly

Tobi – A fantastic actor! Also has some wonderfully insightful interpretations and questions AND borrowed one of my wider reading analytical books with enthusiasm!

Raven – Wonderfully enthusiastic and truly passionate about studying, reading – and also crafting. She’s not afraid to be her own self and that will carry her far!

Adam L – Quieter but beginning to come out of his shell. Truly cares about his learning and his reading. Has a number of insightful questions and ideas.

Theodore B – Best Inspector Goole I’ve ever seen!

Henry R - He is such a polite, funny student.  Always have a little chat when he comes down to reception.

Chantelle C - I am impressed with her standard, she is really creative and can produce imaginative work with great detail and meaning. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work!

Alex S-C - Missed first lesson but completed work in his own time. He works with great focus and independence to create and improve work. I am impressed by his standard of work and look forward to seeing more! I hope he will join on a regular basis the enrichment group.

Leah L - Creative and focused on tasks in every lesson – she has shown from the start her ability to create high standard work. I am excited to see more of her work! I am also pleased that she signed up for the enrichment to further her work.

Raven - Creative, focused on task, able to use key vocabulary when expressing her opinion or explaining a choice. She has already developed her individual style and is working to a high standard each lesson. I am excited to see more of her work! I am also please that she has signed up for the enrichment to further skills.

Patryk C - Good programming skills with enthusiasm. 

Theodore B - Good programming skills with enthusiasm. 

Year 10 Geography class - The whole of my Y10 Geography class has been an absolute joy to teach. They are starting to be more confident in expressing their views and opinions. Their work rate and focus has been of the highest standard.

Katie S and Liv–Astrid C - These two lovelies are polite, they work hard, no fuss and just get on with the work. A pleasure to have in lessons.