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Year 10 News - Dec

It has been a very busy beginning to the year with many different events happening. Students in year 10 have settled well in general to their new routines and have shown resilience in attending GPUTC in terms of the longer days. Attendance has been a real positive with the year group and as the longest feeling term draws to an end I hope that this will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Students have been introduced to our behaviour policy and have been given a success criteria in order to attend an end of term rewards trip. The students have voted for the rewards trip and the winning venues were escape rooms and Laser Force in Peterborough (letters will go out after Friday 30th November for those who have met the success criteria).

The whole of Year 10 were introduced to the GPUTC Sea Cadets and were given the opportunity to join. So far there have been 10 new recruits.

Work experience has been launched with our partner the Skills Service to the students through an assembly and a follow up session on how to find placements. All students have been given an acceptance form and those who wish to self-place have taken supplementary forms. Please encourage your child in this process, the forms need to be returned by Friday 30th November in order for the next stage of the process to be undertaken.


Student leadership

We will be opening up the GPUTC student leadership team to potential Year 10 candidates. Forms will be going out shortly. If students want to apply they have to fill in a short application form and get two references from their teachers. The student leadership team has many opportunities for students to make a difference to GPUTC, by sharing thoughts and ideas to improve the overall experience for all whilst at GPUTC.



We are running a whole school Christmas Hamper Challenge – Each mentor group has been given a box which they have to decorate and fill with small gifts. The winning team will get to deliver the boxes to local charities (including the local food bank) and receive a pizza lunch. If you have any unwanted gifts or spare non-perishables we would be very grateful if you can send them in with your child.


Below is a list of up and coming events for your information.

Internal Assemblies;

British Values



External visitors;

Assembly led by the police on Domestic Abuse (knowing how to respond/report/cope/where to go for support etc)

Young Carers service in to talk to students on who they are and what they offer

Assembly led by the police on Knife Crime and Gangs

CROPS Mentoring service to continue


Celebrating success

The product design department held a celebration assembly for the '2 objects in a box' competition, set for those who attended the taster days. A short video was played to the students showcasing their work. Those who took part in the ‘2 objects in a box’ task were presented with certificates.