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Year 10 News - Feb

Please find below updates for February 2019

Work experience – Ford and Slater (DAF) Open Evening

Students have been continuing with the work experience process, many have now secured placements and have undertaken site visits/interviews with their potential employers. The process will continue throughout March until all y10 students have secured a place. Students from GPUTC were invited to go to an apprenticeship open evening at Ford and Slater one student secured a work experience placement from the open evening.

Lewis Randall Y10 Wrote the following about his experience at the open day;

“The evening was opened with a meeting with all of the Ford and Slater team. We were all introduced to each-other and had a safety briefing about the workshop. The first task was to assemble a front tractor unit light, inserting bulbs and screws for the casting, after which I had to do a break test on a box truck unit, with the rear wheels on the rollers I had to increase break pressure until full.

For the next task I had to disassemble a compressor, unscrewing the main bolts with a torque wrench, then removing the head gaskets and single gaskets. After wiping the excess oil from the gaskets I had to reassemble the compressor together. After putting it back together, Lee was surprised for how well I assembled the single parts as the main bolts fell right the way through the compressor.

I then had to remove wiper blades from the cab of a SF box truck then having to reattach the blades. After this was a walk around the pit of the underneath, after having to name the different parts was a talk about the electrics and gearbox system of a DAF XF Tractor Unit.

Already having the skills and knowledge around trucks and simple engines/parts made the open evening easy and a chance to show off my skills and to impress the staff. They said I had an amazing skill set and determination to do well in the workshop, I was offered a work experience opportunity and invited to apply for an apprenticeship.”

Internet Safety Day and Online Safety

It was Internet safety day on Tuesday 5th February. An assembly was delivered to highlight the necessity to be safe online and to inform students of the potential issues that can arise from sharing certain bits of information or agreeing to terms without considering the consequences. It was equally important to cover the topic of online bullying and let students understand the real life consequences of taking such actions.


Y10 have rotated to their next enrichment slot. Students either attend the Sea Cadet Sessions or are on a 4 session rotation of Engineering skills, Technical drawing skills and 2 workshop skills sessions. The students are developing their workshop skills by using a range of machine tools and processes.  These skills become relevant as they get further into their engineering course, and will give the learners a head-start on this aspect of the course.


Careers Feedback

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Greater Peterborough UTC  needs your feedback to continue to give you excellent careers support. This year we’re taking part in the trendence survey, one of the UK’s largest schools surveys. Their reports will tell us how satisfied you are with the career guidance, as well as which employers you aspire to work for. Take the survey and you’ll be giving us valuable feedback.

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