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Emily's Story

I first heard about the UTC on Facebook and decided to come along to a Drop-in Monday session. 

After meeting with the Principal and having a look at the facilities on offer, I knew there could not be a better option for me. I study Engineering and A Levels in Maths and Physics at the UTC. Following my two years at GPUTC I plan on going to University to study Aerospace Engineering. During the summer holidays, GPUTC offered me an opportunity to spend a week with our sponsor, Marshall Aerospace, on their ‘Insight into Aerospace Engineering Course’ (you can read about my experience below) which further cemented my decision to study Aerospace Engineering. All the teachers at GPUTC know your name, the lessons are interesting and I have made so many new friends. Moving schools was definitely the best decision I have ever made.

You can read about Emily's experience at the Insight into Aerospace course below:

I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have been a part of a small group of girls taking part in the insight into aerospace engineering course held by Marshall aerospace. Throughout the week, I gained a much larger understanding of both aircraft and how a large engineering company functions.
On the first day, we were made to feel extremely welcome by all members of staff. We spent the day in a classroom, learning about the history of powered flight, dating all the way back to Da Vinci! We then learned about different parts of an aircraft, from wings to engines, and how they all work together to make an aeroplane fly. As well as learning lots from the staff and teachers at Marshalls (big thanks to Dave) we all shared knowledge with each other, learning different theories and concepts about lift, drag and other forces of flight. I learned so many new and interesting things which really opened my eyes into the theories behind flight, and how they are not only used in modern day aircraft, but how the concepts were applied by the Montgolfier brothers and the Wright brothers many years ago! We also looked at the background of the company and how it started from a small taxi service and grew over time into the huge company it is today.

My favourite day of the week was the second day, where we were shown around many of the hangers. I got a major insight into the mechanical side of aviation, and learned lots about the daily life of an aircraft mechanic. I got to see many different aircraft, from the Royal Air Force Hercules to the civil Global 6000. We also had the opportunity to look around the insides of different aircraft, and see the complex controls and different interior designs that Marshall have designed and fitted. As well as being shown around different aircraft, we got to look at the other types of work and projects that Marshall is involved in, from huge military portable hospitals to other unimaginable and impressive military vehicles from South Africa and other places around the world. This really allowed me to see how many different roles are in even the tiniest part of engineering.

On the third day, we spoke with three different female engineers, and the different routes they took into their careers. I learned that there are many different ways to get to where I wanted to be, and I had many options to chose from, from more hands on practical routes such as amazing apprenticeship opportunities, to classroom theory based routes such as university degrees. I also learned that qualifications could lead to many different roles and opportunities, from designing parts of aircraft to actually repairing and fitting them. This really opened my eyes into the opportunities that my courses at college could lead to.  Later in the day, we visited man sup, something I was very intrigued to learn about because I had not heard of it before. I saw how things were made on an extremely small scale, using computer programmes and huge machinery, working to extreme precision and accuracy. We saw how even smaller roles are vital for the work in aircraft. We also got to see some of the work the apprentices make during their course and all of the different types of machinery, tools and knowledge they have access to.

We visited the fire station on the morning of the forth day, where we saw the importance of the firemen and how hard their role is. We walked around the fire engines and saw how they worked, as well as watching them put on all of their equipment, learning about how important each part is and how it can save lives. Later in the day, we had a brilliant trip to Duxford museum, were we looked around the huge variety of different aircraft, and although most of us had been before, all of the new knowledge Marshall taught us really made us see everything from a different perspective, as we could identify different parts of the aircraft and the purpose of them.

On the last day, we got into group and did a presentation on things we learned from our Duxford trip, which again helped us to learn from each other. We then learned about what the apprenticeships include at Marshall, from the workshop practical work to the classroom based theory, as well as how to apply for them.

After my visit, an apprenticeship or future career with Marshall is something I am very keen to do after I complete my A levels, and I am extremely grateful to everyone at Marshall for giving me this wonderful opportunity and allowing me to really see exactly what I want to do in the future. I met many new friends and I really I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

Big thanks to Marshall and also to UTC for helping me find out about this amazing course.